Univision invests in exaggerating advice plat The Onion. No bon mot

Univision invests in exaggerating advice plat The Onion. No bon mot

That is genuine hearsay.

Univision has purchased a other palisade in Onion Opposition. – the fellowship bottom the mocking gossip location The Onion, according to a Univision untie.

Univision is only of the peak Spanish-language media companies with a devoted stalking in the midst Latinos in the U.S. The finance is an essay to succour the meshwork change its load and vary its implore to Millennials.

“The Onion has antiquated, and continues to be, a paramount might of that fact of brainy, communal, social and exaggerating description on the web,” the report thought, next to approach of explaining the finance.

Onion Opposition. has over 25 meg one of a kind visitors a thirty days, according to the untie. The companionship as well produces the nip in erudition site The A.V. Cosh and the side-splitting societal media plot Clickhole.

“Funniness is playacting an expanding place in our cultivation as a carrier in favour of audiences to reconnoitre, contention, and get the drift the significant ideas of our duration,” held Patriarch Histrion, Important Rumour and Digital Public official of Univision and CEO of Coalition, which is furthermore owned close to Univision.

Onion Opposition. disposition persevere in to scamper severally but purpose be qualified to capitalise of Univision’s resources to swell its digital offerings with solon multicultural- and Millennial-focused volume.

Onion stick brothers were enlightened of the partnership in an correspondence from CEO Microphone McAvoy.

That imaginative finance is even-handed the presence’s most recent strive to widen its consultation.

In 2013, Univision partnered with Filmmaker to get going Coalition, which features 24-hour English-language word and mode brainwashing that’s aimed at English-speaking Hispanics in the U.S.

In 2015, Univision acquired The Foundation, a dirt and suavity site intermeshed toward Soul Americans. The Origin was co-founded in 2008 close to Altruist don Speechifier Gladiator Enterpriser Jr.

With its investments in both The Seat and Onion Opposition., Univision has masculine that the secondary companies wish retain their opinion piece self-government as benefiting from Univision’s bigness.

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