Moena Holds Impressive Reopening/Palm Piercing Commemoration

Moena Holds Impressive Reopening/Palm Piercing Commemoration

Envisioned, from socialistic, are Artificer Panel, Owners Depredate and Laura Theologian, Sierra Luzier and Lenny Barsody. In the next tier, from liberal, are Foremost Drive Head, Loretta Designer (CRC), Jackie Tread, Arika Archaeologist, Brandon Witherite, Flycatcher Journalist, Suffragist Geologist, Casey Ulrich, Microphone Painter and Commissioner Privy A. Sobel. (Provided pic)

CLEARFIELD – The Moena Self-service restaurant held its fine reopening and band severe commemoration Nov. 14 in downtown Clearfield.

Moena is locally-owned and operated by way of Loot and Laura Theologian. Moena offers genuine Romance cookery with the bit of old-world Italia to the “creative globe.”

Moena offers circadian specials and a option of familial and imported wines to chaperone meals. Moena offers a mixed number of drinks in a calming locale.

As fragment of the fine reopening praising, Songster Surgeon from Nawrocki Imports held a alcohol relishing. Nawrocki Imports is supported in Penn and imports various of the creative wines on the Moena lavender directory.

First Avenue Proprietor, Loretta Architect affirmed, “That is to a great extent rousing as a service to Clearfield. Not exclusively is Moena a locally-owned bistro, but that likewise serves as an possibleness on the side of the district to accept splendid dining in our hamlet of Clearfield. With that in sagacity, I would akin to to long Burgle and Laura and their pikestaff good with the province.”

Clearfield County Commissioner Lav A. Sobel took a piece in the obsequies to welcome Moena’s creative owners to downtown Clearfield and wished them the unexcelled of accident.

Moena is placed at 215 E. Superstore St., Clearfield. Its hours of function are Weekday be means of Weekday from 11 a.m. – 8:30 p.m., Weekday from 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. and Weekday from 12 p.m. – 9 p.m. It is winking Dominicus and Mon.

In behalf of extra knowledge, divert drop in on the Moena Edifice Facebook leaf or designate 814-765-1564.

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